Songwriter Adam Newling returns with a new single and newfound assurance with ‘Sweetness.’

The latest offering from the Cronulla songwriter elevates his songwriting to new heights. It has all the hallmarks of an Adam Newling song, twangs of warm, budding guitar; flourishes of harmonica; and a keen ear for entangling alt-country melodies. Though there is palpable hard-won wisdom to this new track that feels seismic.

“Sweetness was a little ditty I wrote as an apology to a friend of mine,” says Newling on ‘Sweetness.’ “We are very similar and both so stubborn and sensitive that whenever we give each other these hits, we’ll never say sorry. Instead, we write songs to each other.”

The song chugs along languidly until the final minute, where it unfolds into a raucous, call-to-arms singalong that begs to be experienced live.

“I wrote this tune and it wasn’t till months later I was singing it to myself and just happened to have a harmonica in my hand,” continues Newling. “It was at that moment that I thought, ‘Shit, I’ve got a song here.’”

“And we’ll never say even if we talk all day the things that are really on our chest / And maybe it’s bad cause you’re the best I ever had but sometimes friends are put to rest” Listen to the track below.

Check out ‘Sweetness’ by Adam Newling

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