Adele made her much-hyped Saturday Night Live (SNL) hosting debut and it’s become clear that she needs to do more comedy.

After it was announced that Adele was going to host SNL but not be its musical guest, the two big questions fans had were “why isn’t she the musical guest” and “is she even good at comedy?”

Well first things first, the singer addressed the musical guest question right away in her monologue – apparently her long-awaited new album isn’t done yet and she was “too scared” to pull off double duty as host and musical guest (which wasn’t really an issue as H.E.R was a fantastic musical guest). Fair enough!

As for the comedy question, we don’t need to worry either as Adele has also got some surprisingly good comedic chops and took to the SNL hosting gig with aplomb.

Now it’s clear that Adele isn’t a comedian by nature, but she gamely took on everything that was thrown in her direction and that enthusiasm (as well as her plucky London piss-taking attitude) was enough to smooth over any comedic rough edges (like when she kept breaking during the ‘African Tourism‘ sketch).

Fans hoping to hear even just a tease of new Adele music will be disappointed as there was no hint or reference whatsoever.

However, she made up for it by singing some of her greatest hits in what was easily the best sketch of the night in which SNL took the piss out of both Adele and The Bachelor by having her play a weird contestant who has a penchant for breaking out into song and interrupting the flow of the ‘show’.

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It was the perfect blend of music and comedy that satisfied both Adele fans hoping to hear her sing, as well as those who just wanted to laugh. One contestant straight up says “Adele could you stop? This is really more of a talking show” and it was just brilliant.

All in all, Adele was an unexpectedly delightful SNL host and we honestly hope she’ll pull double duty at some point because she proved that she’s more than capable of hosting and being a musical guest.

Now unfortunately for us Aussies, most of the sketches are geoblocked on YouTube so you’re going to have to find other ways (or a VPN) to watch Adele’s performance on SNL.

Check out the SNL monologue by Adele:

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