Adrian Eagle has swung by to drop a location on the hottest rappers out right now, and best of all, they all come from the streets and suburbs of Australia.

Adrian Eagle knows what’s up in the rap and R’n’B game. With only a handful of song releases under his belt he’s already cemented himself as one to watch, with incredible ballads like ‘Unconditional Love’  sitting pleasantly in his discography as a surefire sign that the man can hold down a note in the most serene way imaginable.

And then there are songs like ‘A.O.K.’, which flaunt Eagle’s rapping prowess over energetic piano and saxophone, which could leave even the most miserable of musos grinning from ear to ear. 

With inspirations coming from artists like Fka twigs, Biggie and Erykah Badu, it’s no surprise that the soaring Eagle makes the sweet ear-candy tunes that he does.

It also means he has some pretty good taste, so when he points out the three rappers we all should be watching at the moment, you better believe we’ll be listening. We decided to ask him how exactly he finds these incredible artists.

“I usually follow a lot of musician friends and musicians I maybe haven’t met yet on Instagram. It’s such an awesome platform for sharing and communication and I have witnessed friends reach millions of people just through sharing their work. Explore is also a really neat feature I use to catch the latest rappers that I otherwise would have missed out on enjoying.”

Here are Adrian Eagle’s three faves currently causing a storm in the game.

Kobi Spice @kobi_spice .

I mean, have you heard ‘Cut Me a Cheque’? Song absolutely slaps. It demands respect while proving Kobi’s incredible rapping skills.

Show some respect to Kobi, she’ll be huge in no time.

“Kobi Spice is amazing – her vocal tone and her flow is supreme! She reached out first on Instagram and then I streamed ‘Cut me a Cheque’ from her bio, soooo good! I’m not surprised that it’s gone so good and I’m sure it’s just the start for her! And she’s from Melbourne!”

JK-47 @official_jk47

Jacob Paulson, better known as JK-47, is headed for the top.

He’s been slowly dropping more and more projects which prove he deserves all the attention he’s been getting, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

“JK-47 – first heard this brother from Nerve’s page and Instagram account. Wicked flow and amazing verses! Don’t sleep on him!”

King Imani @_imaniali

King Imani is pure R’n’B royalty, with rapping skills that will make you reconsider posting your freestyles on Instagram.

You can check out her freestyle above, as she blessed the #ThotBoxChallenge with her Aussie accent and impressive flow.

“King Imani is an Aussie living in Atlanta, shared her music with me on Instagram as well, and she is only just starting her musical journey but her flow is unique and she has promise to go a long way as well,” says Eagle.