The fallout from the collapse of Soundwave Festival continues to unravel in spectacular fashion with a war of words erupting between festival promoter AJ Maddah and Eventopia about who will be refunding ticket holders their money.

Last night after Maddah officially pulled the pin on the struggling festival, Eventopia sent out a message to all fans revealing that they would not be issuing any refunds to ticket holders and those who were seeking their money back should speak directly with Soundwave.

The shock and potentially unprecendented move by Eventopia came after Tone Deaf revealed that most of the money generated from ticket sales had actually already been advanced to Soundwave.

It is unknown at this time how much of that money is still in Soundwave’s possession and how much was spent paying band deposits and other operating expenses, but comments on social media by Maddah overnight that he is a “broke promoter” do not bode well for ticket holders.

Regardless, AJ Maddah has also now wiped his hands clean of the mess saying that he won’t be refunding ticket holders their money and that they should pursue Eventopia if they want a refund.

“Refunds from point of purchase. It may take a little time be patient an wait fro[sic] contact from Eventopia,” he wrote.

After a ticket holder told Maddah that Eventopia had pointed the finger at him, he responded “Well that sounds really legit when they sell the tickets. have your credit card details and names, addresses, etc.”

“Eventopia/Ticketek have allegedly set up a troll account of their own in order to shirk their responsibility to ticket buyers,” he continued. “SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION trying to get out of refunding fans and heaping it on broke promoter via dirt tactics.”

When asked what would happen if Eventopia still claim no liability, Maddah was short. “Then I guess it's off to consumer affairs, ACC and the courts.”

“Once Eventopia/Ticketek stop playing silly games your refund should be processed to your credit card. Here’s an idea: Contact your credit card supplier and have them refund the transaction. Quickest way to get it done.”

Tone Deaf have reached out to Eventopia for comment.

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