Beloved Brisbane band Custard are back with the record longtime fans have been hoping, no, dreaming for.

Having walked into the studio with no plans to record a full-length in early 2019, this new approach to recording has paid off in droves.

The band’s eighth studio album, and first since 2017’s The Common Touch, arrives two decades after their commercial peak. But that doesn’t make it any less momentous.

Rolling Stone Australia called Respect All Lifeforms “surprising”:

“The production and release of Respect All Lifeforms was a surprising one for all involved,” wrote Rolling Stone‘s Tyer Jenke. “In fact, while it follows on from the release of a live record in 2018, neither Custard or their fans were expecting to be launching a new album in 2020, let alone seeing the band return to the same prolific nature they showcased two decades prior.”

Dave McCormack told Rolling Stone:

“I feel like every 20 or so years, the stars and the vibe align, and something sort of, pretty good happens. I’m feeling we’re about at alignment now; this is going to be a special time.”

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Stream the record below, then check out why the staff here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

Check out Custard’s album ‘Respect All Lifeforms’:

“Their first album since 2017, Respect All Lifeforms is Custard at their most pure. Featuring the catchy riffs and melodies that helped them rise to fame back in the ’90s, and the impeccable songwriting which proves that this new record isn’t just one of the best in Custard’s discography, but one of the best to be released in Australia this year.”
– Tyler Jenke

“Ever since Custard hit the scene about 30 years ago, they’ve managed to carve out a reputation as one of Australia’s most faithful and beloved acts. With Respect All Lifeforms, they have managed to craft an album reminiscent of their early work, and it might just be one of their best yet.”
– Zadie Collins

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