Wearing a Slayer hat in a brand new interview, it isn’t surprising that the man behind an entire raid of a private government base that houses our alien homeboys is a major fan of the metal band.

If you haven’t heard it all over the news for the last few months already, today is the iconic 2019 “Area 51 Raid” day. Not surprisingly, the dude who started the whole thing is a Slayer fan.

Matty Roberts, the genius behind it all, made a Facebook event back in June titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” The satirical event instantly became a viral internet meme, especially because the U.S. Navy had released video footage of unidentifiable flying objects (UFOs). When things started getting out of hand, the Air Force threatened to secure the area, which intensified peoples’ desires to actually carry out the raid even more.

“It was completely intended to be a joke, I didn’t expect it to go anywhere,” Roberts told CNN. He came up with the idea for the event after listening to Joe Rogan interview physicist Bob Lazar, who broke the news of Area 51 decades ago, on his podcast. According to the CNN report, two million people claimed they would be partaking in the event. Hotels in the area are all booked up, and locals are actually worried — especially because heaps of people have already gathered around the base holding up signs and everything. Honestly just let them in at this point.

Roberts attempted to turn the “raid” into a musical festival instead, called “Alienstock,” which was set for this weekend in Nevada but has since been canceled. At least we know he has good taste in music, right?

And just in case you missed it, Foo Fighters have released a brand new EP to celebrate the Area 51 Raid.