While it seems as though the debate about the efficacy of police sniffer dog operations at music festivals continues to rage, when one looks at the facts, there really isn’t that much of a debate.

Several studies by respected think tanks and findings by the NSW Ombudsman have concluded that sniffer dog operations simply don’t do what they’re purported to and can in fact pose a risk to young revellers.

The controversy surrounding the practice recently inspired Aussie YouTuber and comedian Friendlyjordies to put together a hilarious and shrewd video dissecting the debate and explaining why sniffer dogs at festivals are a bad, bad idea.

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For those unfamiliar with Friendlyjordies, as Stoney Roads notes, he’s made dozens of clips dissecting Australian politics, with a particular knack for highlighting outdated legislation and parliamentary attitudes.

The six-minute clip, which readers can check out below features Friendlyjordies assuming hilarious characters, while providing cold hard facts (with sources) like the fact that sniffer dogs were intended to curb drug supply, but less than 1 percent of arrests are for drug supply.

Not to mention the fact that a drug that kills 15 people each day in Australia is readily available at just about every music festival (if you haven’t figured it out, it’s alcohol), while a drug that has killed zero in the world ever routinely gets teens arrested.