Between her homophobic remarks and cooking her own cat, Azealia Banks loves to chuck a wacky stunt to get her name in the headlines. In her latest attempt, she’s jumped on the NFT bandwagon and sold her own sex tape as an NFT for AUD $23,000.

Very surprisingly, this is actually Banks first foray into selling sex videos, and rather than entering the industry with all guns blazing in her trademark style, instead Banks has made a somewhat subtler contribution by just simply selling just the audio of her fucking her boyfriend/fiance, Ryder Ripps.

Rather than just exchanging some cash monies for her sex tape, Banks has gotten very millennial on us by selling the ~*work*~ as an NFT.

If you’re not up to speed on exactly what an NFT is yet, fear not, we’re here to explain the confusing jargon. NFT stands for non-fungible token, which is pretty much the only part about an NFT that’s straight forward.

To get extremely basic and to break it down into bimbo terms, an NFT is something that is unique that can’t be sold for something else, but has value to it and is often associated with one of a kind art pieces. So you can trade an NFT for another NFT that you think may have similar value. Or you can just sell it, like Banks did with her sex noises.

Anyway, now that’s cleared up let’s get back to Banks and her wack-ass $23,000 sale of moans. The audio of the oohing and ahhing runs for 24 minutes and is charmingly titled, “I FUCKED RYDER RIPPS,” because, of course it is. 

The questionable tape sold immediately and the lucky new owner of Banks’ audio sex tape is “Rulton Fyder”. Fyder bought the tape for ten Ethereum, a crypto currency which is currently equivalent to approximately AUD $23,000.

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As of now (and likely forever), the resale value of the tape is questionable. 

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