Former Lovelyz member Baby Soul, the only one to remain at the group’s agency, has announced a new stage name for her solo activities.

Baby Soul, formerly leader of K-pop group Lovelyz, has announced a new stage name for her future as a solo artist. Going forward, Baby Soul will be promoting under her given name, Lee Su Jeong, for all promotions.

The change comes two weeks after Lovelyz announced their disbandment after seven of the group’s eight members decided not to renew their contracts with Woollim Entertainment. Lee was the only member who renewed her contract with the agency.

In a letter addressed to fans at the time, Lee wished her former members well as she announced her decision to stay on with Woollim.

“After much deliberation and conversation with the members and the company about Lovelyz’s future, I have decided to continue on with Woollim Entertainment, which has trusted in me and protected me for the past 10 years.” she said at the time.

“I sincerely hope that you will warmly support not only the decision that I made, but also our members who will each embark on a new start in different places. I will also work hard to show a better side of me as Baby Soul, a new Lee Su Jeong.” she continued in her letter.

While the agency or the members did not provide any clarification on why they decided not to renew, reports that followed alleged that the departure could be attributed to the company’s passive attitude.

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In a video following the announcement of the members departing, former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho said claimed that the group had planned to release a farewell album.

“There were two problems though: The conflict with the CEO and also the different views of the members about their future. All the members had different personalities and characters so even their future plans were very different.” he said at the time.

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