For all those people who want to live in a ‘Yellow Submarine’ on Penny Lane, this Beatles newsletter is for all you Fab Four fanatics out there.

Look, we all know that The Beatles are arguably the greatest band to have ever walked this green(ish) earth.

And it’s a testament to their greatness that the band and its four members – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr – are still relevant today in an age of

Since the Beatles can’t seem to stop doing stuff and everyone can’t seem to quit them (us definitely included), we’ve started a newsletter dedicated to anything and everything about the Fab Four.

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This newsletter doesn’t just cover news stories related to the Beatles, like Mark Chapman’s apology to Yoko Ono or whenever some big-name artist decides to cover their favourite song by the quartet.

We also have special Beatles features focusing on the band and all the great stuff they’ve done, such as the time they refused to play segregated shows or a look into how the kids of each Beatles member followed in their famous fathers’ footsteps.

It is unlikely that The Beatles will be forgotten any time soon – if ever. But should that day ever come (god forbid), we’re dedicated to documenting anything and everything the Fab Four do.

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