Ben Folds has taken aim at the disaster that is 2020 in a new song of the same name.

In just under two-and-a-half minutes, Folds rips this year to shreds. “We’re not repeating history, just the parts that sucked / 2020 hey what the actual fuck” he croons over a solemn and simple piano melody. It’s safe to say that we echo the sentiment.

Folds recorded the song in his Sydney apartment. He’s been there since the coronavirus pandemic hit during his Australian tour.

Check out ‘2020’ by Ben Folds:

Speaking about the song, Folds says: “Here’s to hoping for some stability in 2021, and to eventually looking back and understanding that it took this year, uncomfortable as it has been, to get us to a better place. Until then, hold on to our hats.”

For those wanting to embrace their melancholy and sing along, Folds has shared a lyric video for the song. “Please let’s not add the Civil War / How many years will we cram into one?” is one of the many standout lines.

‘2020’ is the first new material from Folds since he released ‘Mister Peepers’ in 2018.

All this leads us to think: what would the National Republican Senatorial Committee in the US make of this? In 2018, they named him and fellow singer-songwriter Jason Isbell as members of the “unhinged left” for their political views.

With lines like “Boys, hope you enjoy / Your beautiful tax break,” — another of the many zingers in ‘2020’ — it’s hard to believe they’ll be thrilled.

Folds has been making the most of lockdown by engaging with fans through Patreon. As CNN reports, those who donate from US$10 a month can have virtual songwriting classes with Folds.

Other options for Folds diehards include 4 livestreams a week, merch discount and “a surprise gift once a year.”

Check out ‘Brick’ by Ben Folds Five: