They’re one of the most fun-loving bands in the Aussie music scene today, and now Melbourne favourites The Bennies have shown off their trademark sense of humour with a new political billboard.

Just a couple of weeks ago, The Bennies released their newest album, Natural Born Chillers. Along with the album’s release, the group also dropped the video for the lead single ‘Dreamkillers’.

The video for ‘Dreamkillers’ shows the band performing in front of a various political slogans and posters (including a rather humorous version of Barrack Obama’s famous ‘Hope’ campaign poster which has been changed to ‘Dope’), and sees the group presenting themselves as viable political candidates that seem to be able to solve all the problems faced by the average Aussie.

Now, The Bennies have taken things to the next level, producing a billboard promoting their new political party.

Going up today in the Victorian suburb of Northcote, The Bennies’ new billboard sees them promoting the ‘The Bennies Party Party’ as a rather legitimate political choice. While the group sadly aren’t running for any sort of elected position any time soon, the timing could not be more perfect, with Northcote holding the by-election for the seat of Batman next month.

Adorned with the slogan “there will be mistakes”, fans took to this new advertising campaign rather positively, responding to the group’s Facebook accounts with comments such as “I love an honest politician”, “they’ve got my vote”, and the ever-topical “let’s hope they’re not dual citizens.”

While we’d love to do as the group say and vote 420 for The Bennies, we’ll have to just let this billboard serve as a reminder of the brilliant humour that these lads have.

Check out The Bennies’ ‘Dreamkillers’:

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