The day has come to say goodbye to K-pop group Berry Good, who have announced their disbandment after seven years together. 

K-pop group Berry Good has announced their disbandment after seven years together. The group’s agency made the announcement earlier today on their social media, saying that the decision was mutual and to ensure the ‘best outcome’ for the members. 

According to the statement, member Johyun will continue with Star Wave Entertainment, who recently merged with and acquired Berry Good’s agency JTG Entertainment. Sehyung, on the other hand, has chosen not to renew. 

“After our discussion, we have decided that Johyun will join Star Weave Entertainment as she still has time left on her contract with JTG Entertainment. We plan to promote Johyun under Star Weave Entertainment,” the statement read. 

“As for Sehyung, her contract with JTG Entertainment has come to an end and she has decided not to renew her contract. In an effort to respect her wishes, we have come to a mutual agreement to end our partnership here. We are deeply grateful to Sehyung and her hard work promoting as a member of Berry Good during the hard times of COVID-19.” 

The news comes as a surprise to fans of Berry Good, especially after JTG Entertainment had earlier clarified that they still had plans to continue. Back in March, while promoting a movie, Johyun claimed she had ‘stopped doing idol promotions’ and was not sure whether there were ‘plans to promote as a group’. 

When rumors of disbandment caught fire, she released a statement clarifying the answer, saying she ‘misunderstood’ the question at the time. “I meant to explain that because right now I am doing more solo promotions than I am doing idol promotions, I intend to keep working hard on solo promotions,” she said. 

She also reiterated that her relationship with her agency was not under duress: “I meant to say that two of the members had left the team after their contracts expired, and I sincerely apologize for misspeaking and saying that Berry Good’s contract has expired instead. JTG Entertainment and I have a good relationship… however, reports made it seem like my contract with the agency had expired and that I wasn’t on good terms with my agency, so I want to correct those errors.” 

Berry Good debuted in 2014 as a five-member act with the song ‘Love Letter.’ In 2015, however, three of the members — Iera, Nayeon, and Subin — departed the group. Following their exit, members Daye, Sehyung, and Seoyul joined the lineup, with Johyun coming in a year later. Daye, Seoyul, Gowoon and Taeha left shortly after their contracts expired. At the time of disbandment, the group consisted only of Johyun and Sehyung. 

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