While most overseas publications rated the likes of Beyonce or Bowie as the album of the year contenders last year, one glowing recommendation for an Aussie artist comes courtesy of The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers, who has just singled out Seekae’s Alex Cameron as having the best record of 2016.

This comes despite the fact that the record in question, Jumping The Shark, was actually sneakily released by Cameron way back in 2013, and merely saw a wider U.S. release last year, Music Feeds reports. But hey, with the record getting a proper release this year from new label Secretly Canadian and producing some of the best video clips this year, that counts in our book.

Brandon took to Twitter to heap praise on the Sydney artist’s solo effort, first teasing the announcement with a bit of a ‘drumroll please’ moment, before sealing the deal with the short but sweet hashtag.

Unfortunately for Alex, most of Brandon’s followers seemed preoccupied with a need for new Killers tunes or tour dates – or were more interested in the carefully-perched hat seen in the photo alongside the vinyl.

Not to take anything away from Alex, who knocked it out of the park this year with a aforementioned string of brilliant videos taken from the new record, but there may be just a little bias at work here, as he’s has since posted a snap showing he and Brandon getting matey in Vegas.

If it’s the sign of a possible collaboration between the two charismatic frontmen, it’s a very exciting prospect indeed, especially considering The Killers have been all quiet since 2012’s Battle Born. To see what Brandon’s raving about, check out the most recent clip from the album, ‘Mongrel’, below.