Bhad Bhabie and her team are making history by auctioning off the ‘cash me outside’ meme as an NFT, with it being the biggest meme to ever to be sold as an NFT.

According to Billboard, Bregoli’s team released the news, that “ETH Me Outside: A CASH ME OUTSIDE NFT” is a retrospective which is set to feature an original collection of digital works, also described as “an artistic representation of the meme’s reach”, paying homage to the original meme.

The 20 original works to be auctioned off include “the rapper’s rise to fame, her music and the meme culture, with contributions from a group of filmmakers, visual artists, photographers, music producers and fashion designers who’ve worked with Bregoli or who were picked by her and are comprised of female and binary talent.”

Just yesterday, Bregoli took to YouTube to express her feelings towards the meme which has for the most part, dictated much of her adolescent years. She started off by saying, “My problem with the meme was that people only got to see half the story. For years I didn’t wanna talk about it. Like people would say it and I would just be like, ‘yeah okay whatever’. I just wanted to put it behind me and let the past be the past.”

She continued, “Any interview I did, my publicist has always told them, ‘don’t say nothing about no Dr. Phil and nothing about no ‘cash me outside’. Most of them still did it and that’s why I don’t have a lot of interviews.”
At the end of the video, Bregoli shares that she’s ready for the meme to be passed on to new owners, which we now know is a subtle mention of the upcoming NFT sale.

She said, “I wanna let this go, I wanna let this flourish on its own. The next bitch can have it, do what they wanna do with it. There’s going to be an owner of this shit going forward, but it damn sure ain’t gonna be me.”

Watch the promo video from Bhad Bhabie.

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