Bhad Bhabie has taken aim at former collaborator Lil Yachty after the pair got into an unexpected spat via Instagram Live. 

The decidedly chaotic beef started after Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram to vent her frustrations over allegations of cultural appropriation.

ICYMI, Bhad Bhabie (A.K.A Danielle Bregoli) recently appeared on the cover of Inked magazine sporting a noticeable fake tan and long, dark hair extensions.

Since the release of the issue, she has faced criticism accusing her of ‘blackfishing’, the term for when a white woman attempts to appear  Black by using makeup and fashion.

After Bregoli went live on Instagram to discuss the backlash, Yachty ended up joining in an effort to reason with her.

Yachty tried telling Bregoli that yelling at a screen about her online bullies won’t change anything. “I need you to understand that there’s a better way to get your point across,” he said.

From there, Bregoli argued that her critics are being hypersensitive about the situation, saying: “it’s so frustrating that the internet is so fucking sensitive to anything I do or anything anyone else does.”

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“But the minute one of us come for them, ‘Oh, why you talkin’ ’bout me’… Like, what?!”

Bregoli continued to express her irritation with being accused of cultural appropriation and argued that it only applies when someone first denounces a look from another culture, before trying to emulate it themselves.

Yachty replied that she needs to “understand shit comes with this lifestyle,” to which Bregoli argued that he cannot compare his life to hers.

“You don’t live in my shoes, you ain’t as popular or nothing, you ain’t got as much money as me, you ain’t nothing to do with me, so you don’t know what a person like me goes through,” she said.

Following her rant, Yachty asked her why she was yelling at a phone. “It makes me feel better,” she replied.

At that point, Yachty logged out of the Live, marking the end of the heated conversation.

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Check out a snippet of Bhab Bhabie and Lil Yachty arguing over Instagram Live: