‘They’ always say that the sophomore record is the hardest. In terms of second albums from the likes of The Stone Roses and Gin Blossoms, then yeah, ‘they’ were right. But overall, the sophomore slump seems to affect less and less bands. The latest group to remain completely uninfluenced by this cliché is Melbourne’s Rat & Co.

Armed with a thoroughly local aesthetic, the Melbourne four-piece create shifting, textured electronica patterns like it’s the easiest thing since spelling ‘OOOO’ with your Cheerios. Akin to other local beat makers like FISHING and Dro Carey, their work is as thrilling and imaginative as watching a Rainbow Road Mario Kart race in real life.

The real magic of Binary is how often it manages to contort and twist, and yet remain totally engaging. The opener of ‘Samurai’ chops and hacks with a logic defying smoothness before Rat & Co follow it up with a glitchy, crumpled sigh-inducer entitled ‘Free Town’ – yet the listener is completely held to the pulse and mesmerised.

Furthermore, the trio of ‘Calculated Movement’ songs are gorgeous, trembling tracks that feel like they could crumble at any moment. And then there’s ‘Vocal Insanity’, which holds a strong Flying Lotus-esque stance.

The point here is that this band are quickly evolving, swiftly encumbering the listener with whatever treatment they have at hand. Whether it be trickling electronica, or glacial synths, Rat & Co never fail to impress.

Listen to ‘Vocal Insanity’ from Binary here:

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