BLACKPINK’s adorable vocalist and internet sensation Rosé made a very interesting promise to fans saying that she would “maybe” do “The WAP” if she reached 10 million fans on TikTok.

Not one to go back on her word, Rosé hit the milestone and posted a vid to her TikTok account captioned, “#10M !! Here you go.” featuring her performing a very innocent rendition of the explicit ‘WAP’ by Cardi. B.

@roses_are_rosie##10M!! Here you go🙄♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

The clip was met with a response from none other than the creator of ‘WAP’, Cardi B who had nothing but love for the K-Pop star. She retweeted the video and captioned it “She still looks sooo innocent…Sooo buteee”.

The internet gold all started when Rosé received a comment on one of her TikTok posts from user @kstarvt saying “Do the WAP bestie.”

Nearly two weeks later, when she was sitting at 9.5 million TikTok followers, Rosé responded.

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Rose TikTok response

In the four days following, her followers quickly racked up to hit the 10 million mark.

When her fans noticed that she’d hit the goal, they headed to Twitter and got the hashtag “#WAPSÉ” trending worldwide. It was a move to encourage her to post the video and is a play on words between her name and the song name.

Thankfully, Rosé followed through on her promise, posting the video which has (as of now) received a whopping 11.4 million views. She also commented on her own video saying, “I keep my promises.

BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans) were here for the rendition, flooding the comments section with excited remarks and emojis.


“I’m shooked you did it, now someone think of a new dare for 15M,” said another.

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Watch the original ‘WAP’ feat. Megan Thee Stallion by Cardi B :