K-pop group BLACKPINK have dropped an enigmatic trailer for their upcoming anniversary movie, BLACKPINK: The Movie.

BLACKPINK’s anniversary is just around the corner, and the group is getting ready to celebrate five years of being together in a monumental way. One of K-pop’s biggest acts has just dropped an emotional trailer for BLACKPINK: The Movie, which is part of their ‘4+1’ anniversary project.

Stitching together interviews with the members, clips from their practice sessions and concert stages, the movie looks like a stroll down nostalgia lane as the members reflect on their journey so far.

“I think we shine the most when the four of us get together and challenge ourselves with new things,” says Jisoo in the trailer.

“Performing on stage is the best part,” explains Jennie in the trailer, juxtaposed against images of the band backstage at their shows.

In just under five years of their debut, BLACKPINK have emerged as one of the biggest powerhouse acts in the world. Last year, they broke multiple Guinness World Records with the release of their single ‘How You Like That’. Their first full-length album — coming after a trail of high-profile collaborations with Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, and Selena Gomez — also repeated the feats.

Aside from being the highest charting female Korean act on Billboard, they are also the most followed group on Spotify and most subscribed-to music group on YouTube.

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The group also looks ready to continue the momentum. Earlier this year, member Rosé released her successful solo ‘On The Ground’ (breaking two Guinness World Records in the process). YG Entertainment has confirmed that Lisa will be making her solo debut later this year, while the group has sent news of a comeback swirling when their agency revealed that Rosé and Jennie were in LA working on music.

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Check out the trailer for BLACKPINK: The Movie: