Boogie Nights is back! It’s the opening celebration and the first dazzling night of The Falls Music & Arts Festival where the people are fine and the dress code is fancy. This year’s theme is jungle-afro-funk to a cosmic-disco soundtrack, making it the ultimate safari party! Your dance card will be kept full all evening with an amazing array of acts joining the anniversary editions in Lorne and Marion Bay this December. Now fully audience interactive, here’s who’s been invited…

Steeped deep in soul, The Bamboos are back with their seventh album Medicine Man, along with their back catalogue of tunes that would make even James Brown blush with their level of funkiness! These guys earn their bread and butter on the stage with a live energy that is absolutely second to none, get ready to twist and shout.

MCing and break dancing all proceedings will be The Cuban Brothers! Born in the loins of 70’s Havana and nurtured on a diet of soulful, sexy tunes – you can expect riotous comedy, exotic music and most importantly sensational dancing. Whether they’re encouraging a thousand person conga line or just slip-sliding across the stage, The Cuban Brothers put on the most outrageously epic party they can, every single night. The best part is you’re all invited!

After causing a stir at Glastonbury and Lovebox in the UK, Legs Akimbo are travelling to Australia to be your hosts for the evening! They’ll have you, your friends, your neighbours, your neighbours friends and every single Falls compadre up and partaking in classic party games. Think egg and spoon races, giant kangaroo boxing, mass karaoke and crocodile crowd surfing! Just for starters.

Pocket Rocket circus queen Anna Lumb (paired with the fine tunes of DJ Lazer Ferrari) will wow you with her super hoop fracas and teach you how to hula with her mix of sass, spin, twists and well executed hooped tricks. Bring your own hoop to enter the hula competition and stay on to watch her epic final trapeze show!

Keeping the tunes going and the night spinnin’ will be Boogie Nights’ resident DJs Russ Dewbury (UK) and DJ Manchild in Marion Bay and Chris Gill and Mohair Slim in Lorne. From the decks they’ll be spinning the platters that matter like a fine tropical punch – mixing disco, funk and afro beats!

The Lorne edition of Boogie Nights will also feature live performances from…
Getting the Falls Festival’s 20th anniversary party started this year is Muscles with a specially commissioned one-off solo piano set. He’s been charged with lighting the party torch once again, so get into the spirit and help him raise the flame!

Providing an eclectic blend of the best songs ever written, delivered with all the character of the original and twice the energy, Furnace and the Fundamentals give the people what they want – better than they remembered it.


Anna Lumb and DJLazer Ferrari

Chris Gill L

Furnace & the Fundamentals L

Akimbo (UK)

Manchild M

Mohair Slim L

Muscles L

Russ Dewbury (UK) M

The Bamboos L & MP

The Cuban Brothers.

*L = Lorne only. M= Marion Bay only. MP = Marion Bay main program.

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