If there was one music legacy you didn’t want to mess with, either intentionally or accidentally, it’s The Beatles.

As previously reported, EMI have finally given fans what they’ve been demanding since The Beatles’ back catalogue was given the re-mastering treatment in 2009, namely reissuing all 12 records in what is arguably the most influential discography in history on vinyl.

Due November 13th, the vinyl reissues were to be preceded by a special reissue of the band’s first ever official single, ‘Love Me Do’ to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Executives at EMI made plans to re-release the group’s 1962 debut to mark the single’s original UK release on Oct 5; but the special limited edition single has been recalled after running into a major snag.

As The Examiner reports, the reissued vinyl has been recalled because of an incorrect version of the recording being pressed onto the multitudes of copies.

Though it should have featured the version of the song with Ringo Starr drumming, recorded on September 4 1962 and used on an early version of the single, instead it features the version with Scottish session drummer, Andy White, who was brought on board by producer George Martin, the same that was included on the American release of Please, Please Me

Not only that, but true Fab Four fanatics and historians (usually one and the same) have noted that while the replication of the single’s label on side A is correct, “Love Me Do”s side B is incorrectly marked, listed as R4717 – which is in fact the serial used on the Parlophone Records single “Portrait of My Love” by Matt Monro.

Basically, somebody done screwed up big time and EMI has now recalled the vinyl and are reportedly destroying all copies of the incorrect pressing under strict instructions from The Beatles’ label, Apple, with no word on a potential correct re-issue.

Now due to the record label’s mistake and mass destruction of the vinyl, their actions have made the incorrect “Love Me Do” re-issue an instant rarity, and if it’s one thing Beatlemaniacs love, it’s a collector’s item.

The recalled version of the 7” vinyl are now cropping up on auction sites, like eBay, going for big money for those seeking a unique piece of Beatles memorabilia.

You can bet Apple and EMI are doing everything they can to ensure the same mistake doesn’t happen twice when they issue the Beatles vinyl remasters this November 13th, including the release of a limited edition box set that will contain all 14 releases across 16 LPs.

Limited to 50,000 copies worldwide, the new set will also include reproductions of the original sleeve packaging, such as the Sgt. Pepper’s cutouts, the posters that came packaged with The White Album as well as a new hardbound book filled with photographs and chapters dedicated to each record’s era.

As for the botched “Love Me Do” single, there doesn’t appear to be any plans to re-issue the correct version of the hit 1962 recording that was a defining point in the band’s early origins, half-a-century ago.