Bowling for Soup frontman Jaret Reddick has revealed that the group are working on a new album after they recently dropped a cover of Kid Cudi’s ‘Erase Me’ and previous to that, ‘Alexa Bliss’ – an ode to the famous wrestler. 

Speaking via video call to Rock Sound, Reddick gave fans an update on the band, who have clearly been incredibly busy over the past few weeks.

“We’re doing Songs That People Actually Like Vol.2. So we did the first ten years and this is the next four,” Reddick explained.

“We are re-recording our greatest hits or fan favourites and putting it all into one compilation. That has been in the works since early this year and sort of fell off. That will come out and we will include the hit single ‘Alexa Bliss’ and another original.

He added that the forthcoming Bowling for Soup record would be a “destination album”.

“Because I decided I missed my guys so much, and this is something we haven’t done since 2009, we are making a destination record. We go somewhere, we make a record and we come back and there’s a record done and we get it together and we put it out.”

He continued, “So, in September we are going up to the Pocanos, where Rob [Rob Felicetti, bassist] lives, and we are going to record a new Bowling For Soup album of all-new material.”

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“We can’t really be called the busiest band in the world like we were between 2003-2007 but we’re pretty close.”

After Bowling for Soup dropped their cover of Kid Cudi’s ‘Erase Me’ last week, Reddick said:

“The way we pick covers is somewhat democratic. Band members suggest songs and the good ones float to the top. Last summer, Chris kept suggesting ‘Erase Me’. But when he would bring it up, we couldn’t listen or it was on his phone and there were 1000 distractions,” Reddick explained.

“Finally, I got a chance to check it out. And it made total sense to me. The hard part was, who do we get to sing Kanye’s part? So many ideas flew around. I approached our friend Pete Freedman, from the site Central Track. He is super in tune with up and coming Dallas artists.”

He continued, “He sent me a few links, and the minute I clicked on [rapper] 10K.Caash, I knew he was the guy! 17-year-old kid from Dallas, and my kids already know his stuff…Bonus points for dad! He absolutely killed on this track! Way to go Chris Burney!”

Check out Jaret Reddick talking Bowling For Soup:

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