Brian Burkheiser, the lead singer of I Prevail, has really channelled the spirit of Christmas better than anyone probably could, paying off the mortgage on his dad’s house to thank him for everything he has ever done as a loving parent. 

The touching moment was captured on video and shared on the co-frontman’s Instagram page, where he rejoiced in finally reaching the finish line of his ambitious goal. In the clip, his father reads a card while sitting on the couch, while his son holds up a sign that reads “DEBT FREE / It’s paid off,” which he sees once he’s done reading the card.

In disbelief, Brian’s dad slumps into the couch. “Your mortgage is paid off, my man. It’s paid off,” the singer said in the moment. “We’re getting you out of that job and you’re gonna be able to spend all sorts of time with mom and us. You’re not gonna have to drive two-and-a-half hours to work anymore. So, 50 grand is going toward your mortgage to pay it off and starting the next chapter of everything.”

“Tonight, I did something that I’ve been dreaming of for years. I was able to pay off my pops mortgage and get him one step closer to retirement,” wrote Brian Burkheiser on Instagram.

“Dad, I love you more than words can express,” the post continued. “You and mom have worked your asses off to give our family the world and supported me through all the highs and lows. At my lowest point when I was ready to leave I Prevail you pushed me to not let go of my dream and fight through the trauma. The least I can do now is try to pay you back for everything you’ve given me over this life. This will be a day I never forget.”

Watch the touching clip below.