BTS have just dropped a groovy teaser for their upcoming single ‘Permission To Dance’, their second collaboration with Ed Sheeran. 

ARMY, are you ready to dance?! We’re still slipping and melting on the charisma of ‘Butter’, but BTS are not giving us a break and hurtling us right into a new era. The septet have just dropped a groovy teaser for their upcoming single ‘Permission To Dance’, which is part of the CD version of ‘Butter’.

The single marks their second collaboration with Ed Sheeran, whom they previously teamed up with on ‘Make It Right’ from their album Map Of The Soul: Persona. 

From what it looks like, the group is continuing reinterpreting classic Western concepts, this time going for a Cowboys-and-Car-Washes vibe. There’s plenty of fedoras, denim, ponchos, and overall swagger to be spotted in the teaser, with leader RM’s yellow hair adding a dollop of extra charm on top. Safe to say, waiting is a chore.

On the four-track CD release, fans can expect both ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission To Dance’ along with their instrumental versions. Sheeran is credited for the latter, along with Johnny McDaid, Jenna Andrews, and Steve Mac.

Sheeran confirmed the track on an Instagram Q&A session in late June, after fans asked him about possible collaborations with the septet in the future. To that, Sheeran remarked what ‘great fun’ it was working with BTS, before saying: “Yeah, I believe it’s their next single. It’s a song called “Permission To Dance”, and uh, it’s very dance-y.”

Fans hoped the song would be included on the CD version of ‘Butter’, which was later confirmed by BIGHIT MUSIC. Released in May, ‘Butter’ has been holding steady atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart for six weeks now, marking a new achievement for BTS.

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Check out the teaser for ‘Permission To Dance’ by BTS: