So, yeah, BTS’ V shared a sneak peek of his new song ‘Sleep’ on Twitter and well, we have a lot of emotions okay?

Kim Taehyung just drop KTH1 already, I beg you! While rumpus about BTS’ fashion king and all-round sass icon V’s (real name Kim Taehyung) solo album have been flying around for some time now, we still only have scraps to go on when it comes to any concrete news.

Well, whether this is a direction towards an eventual solo release is unclear, but BTS’ V revealed snippets of his new song on Twitter and sent us all spiraling. 

Props to him for picking the perfect time to reveal a song named ‘Sleep’ by the way: the teaser arrived at 4:30 am in the morning. It was also accompanied with a short caption that only said, aptly, “Sleep”. 

Keeping in line with the poignant tune of Taehyung’s past work, ‘Sleep’ is shaping up to be a pensive lullaby in the making, with soothing lyrics that spin a tale around nighttime, slumber, and sweet dreams. Rest assured, I shall not be responsible for the person I become when the track finally drops. 

This will not be the first time V has dropped solo work. He also lent his voice to one of 2020’s most beloved songs, ‘Sweet Night’, which featured on the original soundtrack of the hit drama Itaewon Class. In December of last year, just in time for Christmas, he also released a surprise track, titled ‘Snow Flower.’ 

Earlier this year, in the teaser for BE-hind Story, a collection of interviews with the members about the making of their album BE, V also hinted at his mixtape potentially having 16 songs. It’s crumbs, but we’ll take it. 

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Check out ‘Sweet Night’ by BTS’ V:

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