Cardi B has taken to Twitter to call out an injustice she’s not having a bar of.

As reported by BillboardCardi took to the social media platform to call out those who she’s dubbing as “blue check Republicans”, aka Republican politicians who are certified on the platform.

The video came along with a caption, “Ya been real quit .Twitter Blue check Republicans are a fuckin joke .I don’t ever want to see yaa ranting on celebrities,athletes until yall address what’s REALLY WRONG IN AMERICA !”

The rapper began her video by referencing the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, saying, “This past week we have seen an American lieutenant that served this country get treated like a fucking dog by cops, got maced, got thrown to the floor… mind you, this man served this country.”

Cardi continued, “…Over some fucking license plate that these motherfuckers couldn’t see the temporary license plate. We have seen a young man get killed by a cop, unarmed, and the excuse was the cop that had been on duty for 20-plus years, mistaken a gun for a taser.”

She then goes on to call out the blatantly obvious silence from the blue checks who are apparently vocal on anytime Cardi bats an eyelash.

She says, “And my thing is, where the fuck are you Twitter blue check Republicans at?”

“Y’all are the loudest on this motherfucking app, y’all not saying nothing, y’all not complaining, y’all blame everything with what’s wrong in America beside the police. Y’all have been very silent! What’s going on?”

Phoebe Bridgers has also shown her support in light of the tragedy – in a different way, offering to handwrite tattoos to anyone who proves that they donated to a charity in support of Wright’s family.

Bridgers said, “I’ve been seeing some people on here who want tattoos in my handwriting… if you donate here I’ll write whatever you want.”

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