Patron saint of quarantine reporting and politically charged videos, Cardi B, has released a brand new video following up from her last to demand that the pentagon releases its secret information on COVID-19.

Cardi B is on top of the coronavirus coverage and asking the important question that the public wants to know. After her first incredibly viral video, Cardi B has returned to entertain us some more.

On Tuesday night, she hosted an Instagram Live session, where she started to wonder how long the widespread social distancing/self-imposed quarantine is going to last. So much so, that she asked the Pentagon to release classified information.

Check out the amazing video of Cardi in day 5 of quarantine below.

“I need to know what’s going on. If you work at the fucking Pentagon, let a bitch know,” Cardi said. “I need to know. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m losing my fucking mind. I want to get dressed up. I want to put a fucking lace front on, I want to put on my fucking expensive outfits, and I want to go out. And I can’t!”

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Cardi B has been following the coronavirus closely, as has been offering up wonderful quips ever since the virus became serious. During its early stages, she decided to explain how harmful the virus can be from an economic standpoint. By doing this, she accidentally spawned a meme of her yelling “Coronavirus. Shit is getting real.” The clip went viral, and DJ iMarkkeyz decided to add an instrumental. It went so viral, that it began climbing the charts. Even Cardi jokingly said she was seeking royalties.

Have a look at the viral video of Cardi B that has been remixed below.

You can even check out the coronavirus song being played in a live setting.

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