Cardi B has launched a video series titled Cardi Tries ____ on Facebook Messenger, where the rapper will try things she hasn’t done before.

Cardi B has launched a new video series titled Cardi Tries ___. Coming to Facebook Messenger, the series will see the rapper try things she hasn’t done before — and you can watch it all with your friends and family in real-time.

Cardi Tries ___ comes as part of Facebook Messenger’s ‘Watch Together‘ feature, where people can watch Facebook Watch videos together with their friends in real-time. ‘Watch Together’ is available for Messenger Rooms, but episodes can also be watched on video calls on Instagram, and Messenger.

The show is produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment, with Cardi B, Jesse Collins, and Dionne Harmon as Executive producers.

Broadcast on Thursdays, every episode will follow Cardi as she stretches the boundaries of her experiences, trying everything from firefighting to teaching to adventure sports. As of now, Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious), Debbie Allen (Grey’s Anatomy), basketball star Damian Lillard, and country singer Mickey Guyton have confirmed appearances.

Earlier this year, Cardi B was crowned Woman of the Year at Billboard‘s Women in Music event. This was, of course, a welcome victory, considering the hullabaloo created by ‘WAP’ (which is the song of the year as far as we’re concerned.)

In true Cardi B fashion, she took to Instagram to remind everyone that she outperformed, outsold, out-slayed: saying:  “You know, the one that sold the most, the one that streamed the most, the one that had Republicans on Fox News crying about it, the one that’s about to be platinum for the sixth time in three months, the one that had your grandma popping her pussy on Tik Tok, yeah bitch, that one.”

Yeah bitch, that one.

Check out ‘WAP’ by Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion: