Former Chantoozies singer Tottie Goldsmith has been hospitalised with COVID-19, despite being double-vaxxed and also returning a negative rapid test. 

Goldsmith is now recovering at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. She sent out a warning message to others on social media, telling people to immediately head for a COVID test if they show any symptoms.

“I had flu like symptoms that were getting worse but a few friends also didn’t feel great so I put it down to a common flu. I had to work so did an antigen test that read negative,” she wrote in the first of two COVID-related Instagram posts.

“Two days later I felt so much worse that I re tested and it was positive so went to a testing clinic. Lesson: negative rapid test… test again!! From there I took the next step to present to a testing clinic and was confirmed as Covid positive.”

In her second post, Goldsmith spoke in detail about the serious health issues she’s experienced through contracting the virus.

“Our Health Service has been great – They dropped me off a pulse oxygenation device for my finger that shows where my pulse and oxygen levels are sitting and a thermometer,” she said.

“They also offered me groceries and other essentials (which I didn’t need but thought was an amazing thing – we are so lucky to live in Australia). Thanks to the beautiful health workers for their care and compassion.

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In terms of how I’m feeling – shocking headache, body aches and a real need to rest. I tried to do too much this morning and ended up flat as a tack again.

Timely reminder to listen to my body because this virus is not mucking around. Also another strong reminder not to get complacent – get tested so we protect our fellow Aussies who are vulnerable.”

Several Australian celebrities were quick to send their best wishes to Goldsmith, including her aunt Olivia Newton-John. “My poor baby! I love you my niece️. Hope you feel better soon,” she commented.

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