Nine Inch Nails have had themselves a pretty busy year. From releasing their last EP a few months back (complete with mysterious black powder), to a performance on the new season of Twin Peaks, and then with news of a new EP dropping in only a matter of days, it’s almost hard to believe that Trent Reznor finds time to take a breath. Clearly he does though, since the group recently played their first live show in three years, and even shared some footage to prove it.

Taking to the stage in Bakersfield, California, on Wednesday night, the group played their first show since August 2014. Featuring a total of 21 tracks, going all the way back to their Pretty Hate Machine debut, every one of Nine Inch Nails’ albums and EPs got a look in at the performance. Likewise, they also performed two covers, including ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’, by Reznor’s close friend David Bowie, and ‘Parasite’, by Reznor’s other group How To Destroy Angels.

Now the group have released an official video featuring professionally-shot footage of the gig, and it’s pretty hectic. Featuring the live debut of the Not the Actual Events track ‘Branches/Bones’, and a performance of Hesitation Marks‘ ‘Copy Of A’, it’s exactly what one would expect from Nine Inch Nails. It’s not clear if the entire gig was filmed, or just these tracks, but either way, it looks like it would make for a phenomenal release.

No word yet on when the group will be returning to Aussie stages for the first time since their 2014 tour with Queens Of The Stone Age, but if this performance is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see them on Aussie shores once again.

Check out footage of Nine Inch Nails’ comeback show below.

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