Deadpool fans were all pretty stoked with the success of last year’s R-rated film starring Ryan Reynolds, who managed to redeem the character as a whole after it was butchered in the atrocious X-Men Origins: Wolverine years earlier.

Now, with Deadpool a proven hit with fans and a sequel on the way, we can also expect a similarly adults-only experience coming to our TVs in the form of an animated series – helmed by none other than Childish Gambino himself.

As Vulture reports, the rapper, actor, comedian, writer and all-round creative machine has come on board the FXX/Marvel Television show as co-executive producer, showrunner and writer with his brother Stephen, who you may also recognise as having been the other driving force behind Glover’s recent hit series Atlanta.

Glover of course was the subject of a fan-driven movement to have him star as the next Spiderman several years back but, now that he may be a little old for the role, he instead settled for cameos in the upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming flick, as well as the the cartoon series.

Glover will be bringing the sharp writing and comedic timing that originally saw him work as a writer on the classic 30 Rock, and we can expect an initial run of 10 episodes to hit some time in 2018.

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The trailer for Deadpool 2 gives us a good idea of the tone we can expect

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