Warning: This article contains descriptions of alleged sexual assault that some people may find disturbing

Chris Brown has been sued been sued by a woman who has said she was sexually assaulted in his home in 2017. TMZ has reported the alleged victim suing identifies as Jane Doe, who attended a party hosted by Brown. He has been accused of  co-conspiring, aiding and abetting the assault.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Doe says “an unnamed female friend of Chris’ forced her and a few other women into a bedroom” where the door was blocked with a couch. She mentions that her phone was taken from her and Brown’s friend forced women to hook up with Chris and another man named Lowell Grissom.

Doe attempted to leave and showed reluctance to perform sexual acts, however Brown’s friend “grabbed her by the throat and forced her to perform oral sex on Grissom.” It is also detailed that the unnamed female friend “pushed her down on the bed” and “literally sat on her face, using her legs to pin her down while forcing her to perform oral sex on her.” It is also alleged that Grissom then molested Doe with his mouth and hands.

Doe’s lawyer, Gloria Allred has said, “This is one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen,” she said. “And our client, Jane Doe, has been severely traumatised by what she was forced to suffer.”