Circus In The Sky is less of a Bliss n Eso album and more of a collaborative effort from a range of different featuring artists, which actually makes the record work.

Aussie hip-hop always risks being repetitive, but with this long player the trio have swiftly avoided that outcome with three ‘mash-up’ style tracks, eight tunes featuring other artists (including USA hip-hop heavyweight Nas) and a lot of extraordinary sampling throughout the album.

The trio speak about a variety of subjects on this record, from Bliss (American emcee Jonathan Notley) and Eso’s (Max MacKinnon) home life, to the effects of music on them personally, as well as a few tracks with lyrics reminiscent of their first studio album like the single “Get Your Boof On.”

Diversity is the key to Circus In The Sky and the multitude of sounds and artists used throughout the tracks prevent it from sounding exactly the same as the rest of the Aussie hip hop genre.

The lesser known third member of the trio, DJ Izm gets the chance to showcase his skills and has his moment in the spotlight on the short track “Cialis Cuts” while emcees  Bliss n Eso rap his praises in the background.

This record is an amalgamation of quality songs that make use of the talents of other artists and genres while retaining a distinct Bliss n Eso sound.

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