Client Liaison are officially selling away their legendary off-white limousine, for you to purchase for your pleasure. Better start saving up your money kids.

The pinnacle of Australian history and the height of Australian funk music this decade, ‘Off-White Limousine’ by Client Liaison, changed lives. It’s just fact. The sheer fact that we haven’t sent the boys off to Eurovision yet to represent our country is 100% un-Australian and I’m accepting no arguments towards this declaration.

All that aside, you can now own a vital piece of Australian music history. Iconic indie-pop legends Client Liaison are selling away their trademark Off-White Limousine. That’s right, you can now own your very own funkadelic night-rider to cruise through the streets of Melbourne in.

As reported by The Projecta Gumtree ad posted earlier this week lists the now-iconic motor vehicle for sale for a tidy sum of $27,000. Now that price isn’t so bad considering the legacy of this purchase, and the bragging rights that comes with it.

“Off-white limousine, used for Client Liaison gigs in Sydney, ARIA Awards, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Expo Liaison,” the ad reads.

“This limousine is ideal for doing some part-time work to make some extra cash. Lots of fans out there know and love the iconic Off White Limousine.” That’s definitely one way to sell the iconic vehicle to the masses.

Forever mixing business with pleasure, Client Liaison launched the Off White Limousine service in 2017, allowing fans to book the titular car for special events, corporate functions or “just to enjoy the Client Liaison experience”.

“If you still haven’t made your mind up, just remember, life’s too short to drive a Hyundai,” the ad finishes. Check it out here if you’re interested.

If the purchase is anything like the song, then the interior pleasures are sure to give you everything you need.