Once again, we are cutting through the constant flow of new country releases for you and highlighting some of best new ones…. the bangers!

From local talents Melanie Dyer and Adam Brand through to US superstars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, here are six new country tracks you’ve gotta check out!

1. Melanie Dyer – ‘Memphis T-Shirt’

It’s been a while since Melanie Dyer (pictured) has released a new track, but she’s returned with an absolute cracker!

Dyer’s immediately infectious new single ‘Memphis T-shirt’ was inspired by a road trip to Memphis.

“The next morning I had a song writing session in Nashville. I put on the Memphis T-Shirt I purchased and looked in the mirror. It was like a light-bulb moment,” she said.

A 1950’s inspired music video has accompanied the release.

Check out ‘Memphis T-Shirt’

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2. Luke Bryan – ‘What She Wants Tonight’

“I decided to come with ‘What She Wants Tonight’ after ‘Knockin’ Boots,’ because certainly ‘Knockin’ Boots’ was a fun summer song, but this song feels like, it’s just got some uptempo magic to it,” Bryan told us recently.

“When you say, ‘She gets what she wants, and I get to be what she wants tonight,’ I mean, I think women are going to like hearing that subject matter and just how the girl in the song kind of controls the dynamic of the situation. I’ve been wanting to get a big rockin’ uptempo out for some time, and this is certainly it.”

Check out ‘What She Wants Tonight’

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3. O’Shea – ‘Say Nothin’

The sassy first track from O’Shea since the release of their ARIA nominated album 61-615 was co-written with hitmaker Kevin Kadish, who is also a co-writer of the songs ‘All About That Base’ (Meghan Trainer), ‘Whiskey Glasses’ (Morgan Wallen).

“Loved working with Kevin on this track. He’s so incredibly musical,” says Mark O’Shea.

“You know that frenemy that we all have that is always bagging out everyone and talking smack? This song is for them!”, slams Jay O’Shea.

“Whether it’s social media or the news, there’s just so much polarizing rhetoric these days everywhere you turn. For once we’d like to hear em’ Say Nothin’ :)” adds Mark.

Listen to ‘Say Nothin’

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4. Adam Brand – Speed Of Life

Brand has announced that a new album is coming in 2020, along with a national tour and a performance at CMC Rocks QLD.

‘Speed Of Life’ will be the album’s title track.

Following the recent brith of his daughter, Brand says this song is a reminder that life flies by so quickly and to stop and enjoy every moment, without wishing time away.

Check out ‘Speed Of Life’

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5. Jason Aldean – Camouflage Hat

Aldean recently revealed that he’s fine tuning his diet and getting back into shape ahead of his upcoming album release.

The new album, titled 9 comes out on November 22.

In the meantime, he’s just released one of the album’s tracks ‘Camouflage Hat.’

In addition to this track and the album’s lead single, ‘We Back,’ Aldean has already released a handful of other new songs including ‘Blame It On You,’ ‘I Don’t Drink Anymore,’ ‘Keep It Small Town,’ ‘Dirt We Were Raised On,’ and ‘Got What I Got.’

The new 16-track project is Aldean’s ninth studio album following up last year’s Rearview Town.

Check out ‘Camouflage Hat’

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6. Darlinghurst – ‘So Long, So Long’

Darlinghurst’s debut single ‘Sorry Won’t Get You Back’ reached the #1 position on national Country Music airplay chart.

In fact, it spent a total of five weeks at the coveted #1 slot.  

Darlinghurst’s vocalist Cassie Leopold says the follow-up single ”So Long So Long’ came to be “after constant disappointment and heart break” and being “ready to wear pain around our neck like the grandest of diamonds.”

“It’s a song about finding strength, letting go and moving on,” she says.

Check out ‘So Long, So Long’

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