With (surprisingly) very little fanfare, a Garth Brooks album is finally available across all major digital platforms.

And that INCLUDES streaming services.

It’s a live release titled The Last Frontier, was originally recorded in 1995.

That year, while taking a break from live touring, Brooks took a visit to the NDR Studios in Hamburg and recorded ten-track set.

The recording was initially simulcast in the US and across Europe.

The recording took place just before the release of his Fresh Horses album.

Brooks then went on undertake a 220 show tour that lasted two and a half years.

On The Last Frontier, Brooks previewed tracks from the Fresh Horses album including ‘The Fever,’ ‘Beaches of Cheyenne’ and ‘She s Every Woman’ alongside unique takes of what were already classic hits at the time, like ‘The Dance,’ ‘The Thunder Rolls’ (including the famous and murderous third verse not featured on the original recording.)

Despite being the biggest selling country artist in history, Brooks had never released anything on digital platforms until  September 4, 2014, when he released his entire studio output on digital for the first time ever via his his own new online music store, GhostTunes.

However GhostTunes shut down in 2017 and he then entered an exclusive deal with Amazon.

Garth Brooks The Last Frontier


1. The Fever (Live)

2. The Beaches of Cheyenne (Live)

3. The Thunder Rolls (Live)

4. She s Every Woman (Live)

5. Rodeo (Live)

6. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Live)

7. The Dance (Live)

8. The River (Live)

9. That Summer (Live)

10. Friends in Low Places (Live)

Artists such as Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean had a bunch of reasons back in the day as to why they weren’t putting all their music on streaming platforms.

But they eventually changed their minds after realising they were missing out on a lot of revenue.

Perhaps Brooks is finally working that out too?