Kelsea Ballerini has revealed the track listing for her third studio album, Kelsea.

The album, to be released on March 20, will feature two big-name collaborations.

It’s ninth track, titled ‘Half Of My Hometown,’ will feature Kenny Chesney,

While pop artist Halsey joins Ballerini on the album’s fourth track, ‘The Other Girl.’

Ballerini previously teamed up with Halsey for a CMT Crossroads episode in 2019.

She also hinted at these big collaborations exclusively to Tone Country in an episode of the Tone Countrycast last year.

Listen to Kelsea Ballerini on the Tone Countrycast

The album’s lead single ‘homecoming queen?,’ as well as ‘Club’ and ‘l.a.’ have already been released.

The last pre-release track and “drinking song” titled ‘Hole In The Bottle,’ was released this morning.

Kelsea follows Ballerini’s ARIA Country chart topping sophomore album Unapologetically, and her debut The First Time.

Check out ‘Club’ by Kelsea Ballerini

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The Kelsea album track listing is:

1. ‘Overshare’
2. ‘Club’
3. ‘Homecoming Queen?’
4. ‘The Other Girl’ (with Halsey)
5. ‘Love Me Like a Girl’
6. ‘Love and Hate’
7. ‘Bragger’
8. ‘Hole in the Bottle’
9. ‘Half of My Hometown’ (feat. Kenny Chesney)
10. ‘The Way I Used To’
11. ‘Needy’
12. ‘A Country Song’
13. ‘l.a.’