Midnight Oil’s Rob Hirst and daughter Jay O’Shea will release an album together later this month.

Hirst is O’Shea’s birth father, however he had to give her up for adoption in rather heartbreaking circumstances as a teenager.

O’Shea, who was ultimately raised by her adopted family in Adelaide, finally discovered that Hirst was her birth father after an exhausting 15 year search.

“The story of how we all came together sounds like bad fiction writing as it’s quite unbelievable,” said O’Shea on social media.

“Adoption is a strange bird. It’s multi layered.”

“Anyone who is an adopted person, birth mother/father or an adoptive parent knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not just between this small circle of people either,” she continued.

“It cascades out affects other family members too, husbands, wives, brothers/sisters, in-laws, outlaws, cousins, family pets and the like.”

The album, titled The Lost and The Found, will be released via Sony Music on February 28.

“We really made this music as a way of getting to know each other better and after much laughing, drinking some good wines and eating too much cheese, these songs were born,” s

Hirst has previously collaborated with O’Shea (the country duo also featuring Jay’s husband Mark O’Shea) on the 2016 release, ‘The Truth Walks Slowly (in the Countryside).’

That song, dedicated to the late Queensland farmer George Bender, won a Golden Guitar for Music Video of Year and scored a nomination for Single of the Year.

Check out ‘The Truth Walks Slowly (in the Countryside) by O’Shea and Rob Hirst

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