A previously released song from Brad Paisley with renewed relevance, plus new songs from Australian stars The Wolfe Brothers, Dozzi and Darlinghurst along with Canadian Cory Marks feature in this week’s New Country Friday 5.


‘No I In Beer,’ is global superstar Brad Paisley’s his first country radio single of 2020.

The track was originally released as part of his 2017 album Love and War, but it’s timely narrative about spending time with close friends and family has inspired Paisley to now release it as an offical single.

“People are utilizing this time to connect and to feel solidarity as human beings,” says Paisley.

“This song wasn’t written for this specific moment we are all facing, but it takes on a new meaning for me when I hear it now.”

In keeping with the uplifting spirit of his song, Paisley plans to host virtual happy hours (in USA time) and continue performing live stream concerts in the immediate future.

‘No I In Beer’ features the production “dream team” of Luke Wooten, Dan Huff and Paisley himself.

Check out ‘No I In Beer’ by Brad Paisley

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Earlier in the week we revealed that The Wolfe Brothers have signed a new record deal with BMG Australia/Broken Bow Records.

Nike and Tom Wolfe say ‘No Brakes’ is the most “conceptually and musically bold song” they’ve ever released.

‘No Brakes,’ like recent single ‘Country Heart,’ is a portrait of where the brothers are at this point in time — only this time, it shows them going full speed ahead, pushing forward with no cares in the world.

“We’re drawing from pub rock, from old country, from new country,” Nick explains.

“Maybe it’s a bit confusing, but we do what we do and write what we love.”

Check out ‘No Brakes’ by The Wolfe Brothers

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Brisbane sister trio Dozzi are continuing to make their mark in their new home of Nashville.

‘Worth The Wait’ is the title track and third single from their 2019 EP which also features the songs ‘Fools’ and ‘Ramones T-Shirt.’

Thankfully they were able to film the stunning song’s fantastic music video, before the COVID-19 shutdown.

And as a result, CMT in the USA premiered it yesterday.

“No relationship is easy,” Dozzi told CMT when talking about the song.

“Every relationship is thrown curveballs that you sometimes can’t control but the true love stories are the ones that stick together through those obstacles and come out stronger in the end,” they continued.

“When a relationship ends it just means that something even better is coming along and it’s worth all the ’not-meant-to-be’s.”

Check out ‘Worth The Wait’ by Dozzi

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Melbourne band Darlinghurst have today released their 3rd official single, following the success of their #1 debut ‘Sorry Won’t Get You Back’ and top five follow-up ‘So Long So Long.’

The group describe ‘Picture Frame’ as an ode to how we “hold onto the past through captured moments in time, when holding onto the present is no longer an option.”

Writing from a deeply personal but universally ascribable place, the song offers a comforting hand to anyone who has ever experienced the breakdown of a relationship or the loss of someone close to them.

Darlinghurst plan to resume touring as soon as it’s possible.

Shows are confirmed with Casey Barnes (who has today released his new album Town Of A Million Dreams) in October.

Check out ‘Picture Frame’ by Darlinghurst

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Emerging Canadian artist Cory Marks has released another country/rock pumper today.

Marks says the song “mixes country, rock and metal.”

This is totally consistant with the vibe of his previously releases ‘Outlaws & Outsiders,’ which featured the unique combination of Travis Tritt, Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch) and Mick Mars (Motley Crew) and his second official release, ‘Better Off.’

Check out ‘Devil’s Grin’ by Cory Marks

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