Courtney Barnett is no stranger to the world of INXS, having covered the entirety of their 1987 album Kick back in 2014, but now her cover of one of that same album’s most enduring hits has become the soundtrack to a new ad campaign promoting marriage equality.

Released on Saturday, Apple have released a new ad for their iPhone X titled ‘First Dance’. The ad, which is backed by Courtney Barnett’s cover of ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, features footage from a number of same-sex weddings (which was all shot on an iPhone X, as the ad tells us).

Recorded specifically for the ad, the track shows Courtney showing off her tender, fragile best, taking a more stripped-down approach to the classically lush orchestration of the original.

Meanwhile, Courtney Barnett’s long-awaited second albumTell Me How You Really Feel, is set to be released in May, with the critically-acclaimed Aussie muso recently dropping the lead single from the album, ‘Nameless, Faceless’.

If you’re keen on picking up a copy of Courtney’s version of the track, head over to iTunes.

Check out Courtney Barnett’s INXS cover: