It is fair to say that different genres of music often lend themselves to different aesthetics, levels of emotional attachment/ detachment and personalities.

Hip hop feels boisterous and can be personal or extremely removed from the artist at times. RnB is often quite emotionally charged by love and feeling and jazz. It can be hard to listen to jazz unless the artist is fully one with their music.

Melbourne based singer songwriter Daniel Trakell appears to have drawn from a wide spread of these fundamental features of genre in his explorations of sounds and found himself creating quaint, introspective and highly accessible music that finds itself sharing values that deem it as indie folk.

Listen a little deeper and one realises it is so much more. He is a writer who is able to draw listeners in with vocals so warm they they feel like soup in front of the fire on a cold winters night. His ability to connect with his emotions and channel them into three minute messages of hope and connection seems effortless.

Daniel Trakell
Credit: Tom Dunphy

On his latest release ‘Turnaround’ he looks at the idea of stepping back and reevaluating every so often. It is a message of hope and pushing on and as an artist should – he reveals himself to audiences with his own personal experiences, no matter how raw they may be.

Daniel Trakell said of the release:

“‘Turnaround’ is about giving yourself time to pause and process things after life deals you a heavy blow and having the strength to get up and keep going. More specifically it touches on divorce and the moment I found out my parents were separating.

“My dad continued to live in our old family house by himself for a couple of years after my mum moved out, and I remember the sadness, helplessness and guilt I felt whenever I went back to my hometown to visit him and he wasn’t coping.”

‘Turnaround’ is the second release from Trakell, following up on his beautiful single ‘Let Me Be’, and is accompanied by a live performance video.

Check out ‘Turnaround’ by Daniel Trakell: