Forget about the rock star of all rock stars being a rock star, Dave Grohl is more of a family man these days with coronavirus cancelling gigs.

Foo Fighters had a lot of plans for to celebrate their 25th anniversary of being an alt-rock collective: they planned to be embarking on a tour following the 1995 trek of their original stops, plus they had a documentary on the way.

Once COVID-19 started popping up, plans quickly changed with all concerts being entirely off the table. Dave Grohl quickly turned from rocking musician to budding writer, with essay after essay popping up sharing all sorts of memories from over the years.

Since COVID-19 has affected his life in such a way, from touring constantly, to simply staying at home, Grohl chatted to Entertainment Weekly about how quarantine life has been.

“Right now I’m in such a daddy-domestic headspace that even just calling to do an interview is strange, because what is there to talk about really?” he detailed. “But we do have this arsenal of material ready to fuckin’ dam-burst all over the world, and it’s just a matter of figuring out when the world is ready because I think that’s a little more important than the Foo Fighters.”

With his recent writing for both his Instagram series Dave’s True Stories to pieces for The Atlantic, Grohl chatted about the potential of writing a memoir, which he responded enthusiastically about.

“Most rock musicians are great storytellers, this is true,” he said, “because most rock musicians have spent more than a few hours in the back lounge of a bus spinning yarns, swapping stories about all the different people they’ve gotten wasted with or jammed with. So there aren’t too many rock musicians that are short on great stories.”

In addition to writing, being a family man, and thinking about a potential memoir, Grohl commented on what the live music scene could look like in the future: “It will come back. I honestly believe that at some point, people will come back outside into the sun and want to share music together — I mean it’s human nature I think. Who knows how long it will be but fuck, we’ll be there. I know that.”

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