It’s no secret Dave Grohl is a fan of prog rock. The Foo Fighters frontman has opened up multiple times about his love for legendary prog pioneers Rush – so much so he even inducted the band into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame,so his next musical endeavour shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

It was recently revealed by Madison that Grohl is currently working on a new track that might sound just a little different to the stadium rock stylings of the Foo Fighters. Grohl explained that the track would involve “several drum kits” and “loads of guitars” and the final product would result in a 25-minute video.

“I have a studio, EastWest in LA, where I’m going to set up an expanse of instruments. Several drum kits, a load of guitars, bass, rhythm and lead.

“I’ll hit play and the clock will start ticking. I will record the first drum part, then I will run to the next drum set and play another drum part that will record over the first. Then I will do the same with all the guitars, all assigned to a different moment in the instrumental…”

Grohl also explained that the track would be filmed live, giving fans the opportunity to watch the track come to life, which he explains as being “six different Dave Grohls playing every note, on every single instrument, all the way through in one take.”

“The best part is we’ll film everything with multiple cameras so by the end of it you will see and hear one song being played for 25 minutes, with six different Dave Grohls playing every note, on every single instrument, all the way through in one take.

“The worst part is, and that’s why I’ve had about four hours sleep every night on this tour, I have to write and then memorize all the music for this thing, for all the instruments, before I get back to LA in two weeks.”

He noted that the motivation behind the song is because he can simply, being Dave Grohl, do whatever the hell he wants.

“In 25 years, I have never had anyone say to me, ‘Oh Dave, you have to do this.’ Fuck you, motherfucker. I’m the president of my record company. I own my entire back catalogue. I get to say when we do this, when we do that. So if something needs doing, I’ll just do it myself.

“If I want to write a 25-minute instrumental, write all the music, play all the instruments, film it and then, guess what, maybe never even release it? I’ll do it. Just because I can.”

Over the weekend Grohl took to the stage with his two daughters Violet and Harper to perform a slew of Foo Fighters tracks and covers live for a charity event, including a rousing rendition of Adele’s ‘When We Were Young’.

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