The epic metal narrative surrounding Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine’s time spent in Metallica is fuelled by a trail of self-destruction and good old-fashioned sex, drugs and rock and roll. After years of constant feuding and riff-powered thrash talk, the two band’s reconciled their pasts, heading out to play the legendary ‘Big Four’ shows. Although years of bickering (from Dave’s part) seems to be over, the always open and willing to express his heavily cooked emotions, Mustaine has taken to Twitter to reveal what his ‘initial plan’ for Megadeth was.

When asked by a fan what he used as an ‘indicator of success’ when starting the band, Mustaine suggested it was more than just ‘whether or not he ate’ that allowed him to gauge how the band was sailing – it was whether or not they were ‘destroying’ Metallica.

Megadeth have undeniably created music that has helped shape thrash metal in all it’s denim-patched, big-haired glory, however, Metallica went on to become one of the mainstream’s most critically and commercially lauded bands. Has Dave re-shaped his monitor of success for Megadeth since it’s inception?

Mustaine Metallica’s lead guitarist from 1981 to 1983 before he was replaced by Kirk Hammett, going on to form Megadeth. In early 2012, Mustaine apologized to Metallica’s Jame Hetfield for posing the idea that he wanted to assemble a “supergroup” consisting of Megadeth bassist David Ellefson with Hetfield and Metallica drummer Ulrich, which Hetfield laughed off as “crazy”.

Dave must’ve treated himself to some free time that afternoon, taking to Twitter to answer fans questions, even promising to check out one of their bands, as well as offer some sage advice to any aspiring guitar-lords out there, slowly whittling away at learning the band’s discography.

Watch Mustaine perform with Metallica in 2011. 

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