We sit down with the hard task of ranking the eight best Violent Soho songs, which took a lot longer than you’d think.

Violent Soho is Australia’s pride and joy when it comes to alternative rock. The band was formed in the distant past of 2004 in the Brisbane suburb of Mansfield, Queensland. The band currently consists of Luke Boerdam (lead vocals, guitar), James Tidswell (guitar, backing vocals), Luke Henery (bass, backing vocals) and Michael Richards (drums, backing vocals).

Without further ado, we focused the most killer Violent Soho tracks into just eight, and then ranked them for your enjoyment.

8. ‘Saramona Said’

If I could turn this track into a liquid form and inject it into my veins I essentially would. ‘Saramona Said’ is such an incredible Soho track that I could write about it forever. But alas, I will not.

7. ‘Ok Cathedral’

One of the more slept on Violent Soho tracks, but it carries just as much feels and power as any other track they have in their discography.

6. ‘Liars’

Look I promise not every song is going to be from this album but hey, it’s a really good album, and Violent Soho knocked it out of the park with this project.

5. ‘Hungry Ghost’

Damn this track just hits us where it hurts. As the titular cut from this LP, the track definitely brings the mood with it, making it an absolute highlight.

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4. ‘Viceroy’

See, I told you Hungry Ghost wasn’t the only album getting love.

3. ‘Vacation Forever’

Look, we all wish we could vacation for eternity, and Violent Soho have managed to capture that idea in a pretty amazing track.

2. ‘Love Is A Heavy Word’

Throwback to the days when Violent Soho was Heavy AF. Although we may miss those moments, we definitely couldn’t be prouder of where the boys are now.

1. ‘Covered in Chrome’

Please don’t call me basic, ‘Covered in Chrome’ is legendary, and deserves the top spot for many reasons.

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