What They Sound Like: To answer the question on everyone’s mind ‘what is the sound of Miss Rita Satch?’ First you must clear you mind. Now, think pop melodies, the rich harmonies of Motown, superbly mixed with dark soulful beats and modern grooves of the UKs underground music scenes, polished with a powerful jazz inspired husky vocal performance and you’re smack on the money for the vibes coming from Rita Satch.

Why You Should Care: If you’ve just fallen in love with the sounds of Miss Satch through her single ‘Love You Like I Do’ then jump with joy at the news of her second single ‘Not Ready For Love’ surfacing earlier. But wait, there’s more, with the news Satch has released her self-titled EP today complete with another three soulful tracks.

Growing up listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and Rita Simone has provided Satch with a solid background for making contemporary beats with elements of electronica. Boasting from the EP is her work with local producer RHyno (True Live, Kimbra), and legendary violinist Tim Fain (Black Swan, Phillip Glass) all of which are sure to command attention from the music community.If you want to catch her in action, Satch will be launching her EP Thursday June 26th at The Toff in Town (Melbourne).

You’ll Love It If You Dig: Kimbra, Amy Winehouse

Track You Need To Hear: Listen to her new single ‘Not Ready For Love’ below and jump on over to Bandcamp to get your hands on the full EP.

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