Everyone’s favourite country crooner Dolly Parton has proved she’s still smoking hot at 75 after she recreated her famous Playboy bunny look.

Revealing it was a gift for husband Carl Dean’s 79th birthday, Dolly shared a sweet video on social media discussing her reasons behind the sexy gift idea.

“Wonder why I’m dressed like this? It’s for my husband’s birthday,” Dolly said in the clip. “Remember some time back I said I was going to pose for Playboy magazine when I was 75? Well, I’m 75, and they don’t have a magazine anymore.”

“My husband always loved the original cover of Playboy,” Parton said in a video shared to social media, referring to her iconic 1978 magazine cover, “so I was trying to think of something to do to make him happy. He still thinks I’m a hot chick after 57 years — and I’m not going to try to talk him out of that.”

“Anyway, what I did for his birthday, I did a little photoshoot in this little outfit and I had a cover made of the new Dolly — the old new Dolly.

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“In the first one — remember this? — I was kind of a little butterball in that one. Well, I’m string cheese now. But he’ll probably think I’m cream cheese … I hope.”

“Anyway, I’m going to surprise him, going in singing to him in my little bunny suit.

“What do you think? Think Playboy oughta pay me for the photoshoot? I do!”

Fans were loving Dolly’s iconic look, with Australia’s own Myf Warhurst commenting: “Reckon Carl might have had a few heart palpitations in that chair!”

Another Twitter user added: “I think she set off the fire alarm!”

Dolly and Carl are one of showbiz’s most enduring couples, with the pair tying the knot way back in 1966. While they’re rarely seen in public, Dolly simply put this down to her hubby being a homebody.

Parton told the Knoxville News Sentinel back in 2011, “I’ve been married for 44 years, been with him for 46 years…My husband’s a homebody, and I love to travel so, we don’t have children, he loves his space. We just have a complete understanding. We enjoy each other when we are together.”

“We know we can trust each other,” she shared, “I know I’m always going home. He knows I’m always coming home…We’re good friends. We love and respect each other. We’re friends and we’re married.”

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