Dolly Parton continued her streak of inherent goodness when she saved the life of a kid actor on the set of her new movie.

While filming the Netflix holiday movie Christmas on the Square, the country legend came to the rescue of Talia Hill after she was almost in a fatal car accident.

In an interview with Inside Edition, the 9-year-old actor and dancer explained what went down: “We were on set, and I was at the hot chocolate station, and they said go back to your beginning positions,” Hill revealed. “So there was a vehicle moving, and I was walking, and then somebody grabbed me and pulled me back, and I looked up and it was Dolly Parton.”

Hill also said that she was “in shock” after discovering just who saved her, and said that Parton told her, “Well, I am an angel, you know,”, because she plays an angel in the movie. If that was anyone else – literally anyone else –  it would be too syrupy and cheesy but it’s acceptable with Dolly. She’s an actual Christmas angel, out here performing Christmas miracles.

Talia’s brothers, Tristan and Tyson Hill, were also actors in the movie, making it quite the family affair.

What a year it’s been for Dolly and her marketing team, not that she needs any help. Back in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Dolly immediately pledged $1 million to a hospital in Nashville to aid COVID-19 research. That helped find a successful vaccine for the virus.

The queen also spent much of lockdown hosting weekly readings of children’s books which is just so incredibly wholesome.

In October, she reduced Stephen Colbert to literal tears with a stunning a cappella performance on his late night show, reminding everyone of her musical talent.

If you wish to see the scene of Dolly’s latest good deed, Christmas on the Square is already available to stream on Netflix. The musical also stars Christine Baranski and Dolly sings a lot.

Check out the trailer for Christmas on the Square: