Well, it seems that everyone is definitely a critic. Especially following a rather petty tweet regarding Kanye West from the team over at Peppa Pig.

With West having released ‘Donda’ into the world, it would be only a few days before the reviews would be in.

And of course, we all knew what they would be like. They’d be hyper critical and they’d probably rate ‘Donda’ as a pretty sub par album.

Which is exactly what Pitchfork did.

They gave the album a rating of 6/10. To summarise it, they wrote, “Kanye West’s 10th album arrives barely finished and with a lot of baggage. Its 27 tracks include euphoric highs that lack connective tissue, a data dump of songs searching for a higher calling.”

There’s a very good chance that West will never even read any of these views, especially seeing he’s been in Berlin since the last listening party.

But when it comes to people who did catch the review, the minds behind Peppa Pig did.

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In a now deleted tweet, they took to social media to compare Pitchfork’s reviews of Donda and Peppa’s Adventures: The Album.

Along with pasting both reviews side by side, they also wrote a caption to go along with it, saying, “Peppa didn’t need to host listening parties in Mercedes-Benz Stadium to get that .5.”

You can bet that this added a bunch of fuel to the fire of Kanye West fans who were already seeing red due to the album reviews that had been delivered.

One fan tweeted,”The Pitchfork review of DONDA is everything I hate about music criticism.”

The Peppa Pig tweet still remains on various social media outlets from screen shots, for example over at Hypebeast.

So, was it funny? Or just plain random?

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