The Big Day out is going to be explored right throughout October on Double J.

For a lot of music fans in Australia, the Big Day Out was a coming-of-age event. A rite of passage. It was an opportunity to see some of the world’s best acts tour the country over a two week period, while providing a platform for Australian legends-in-the-making to cut their teeth on a national festival stage.

Hosting everyone from the likes of Nirvana to Nick Cave; Groove Armada to Muse; Metallica to The Killers, the Big Day Out still holds a special spot in the heart of many Aussie music fans.

Muse – ‘Citizen Erased (Big Day Out Sydney 2004)’


Double J will be bringing those Big Day Out memories back to life, dedicating a huge chunk of their programming in October to the festival. Featuring live music from the festival throughout each day from midday, as well as special Live At The Wireless sessions, Double J’s Big Day Out coverage is going to be mint, however it is with the introduction of their new podcast that’ll have the diehard fans frothing.

Inside The Big Day Out is a five episode podcast hosted by Gemma Pike, that will dive into the legacy of the Big Day Out, with contributions from bands who will turn heads.

Looking at the rise and eventual fall of the festival, Inside The Big Day Out will hear from the festival’s organisers, Ken West, Vivien Lees, Sahara Herald, Adam Zammit and AJ Maddah.

You’ll also be able to hear from artists including Violent Femmes, You Am I, Powderfinger, Magic Dirt, Eskimo Joe and more.

Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit (Sydney Big Day Out 1992)’


The first episode is already online and available to stream via Apple and Android, with new additions going live each Tuesday from October 8th.